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SEO marketing in the iGaming industry. How to attract more traffic from search engines. SEO marketing is a set of methods and techniques that are used to increase a website’s ranking in search engines. Search engines (Google, Bing, Yandex, and others) work on similar principles, but each has its own peculiarities. In this article, we will review the basic principles of SEO in the iGaming industry, so you can use them in your work. We also provide turnkey casino software solutions. SEO is not magic. Contact us to get gaming software. Turnkey casino software.

If you can apply these principles, you will get tangible results. The company Imperium – Games tells how to develop an effective SEO strategy for online casinos in 2022. The Imperium company revealed the data of a large-scale study. According to the report’s authors, in the next two years, the online gambling market will experience fundamental changes. It is because there will be more and more people in the world who prefer to play in casinos through mobile devices. The demand for mobile versions of gaming sites will grow. At the same time, we will need to find ways to appeal to the users and retain them on websites. Gambling sites run on our turnkey casino software have advantages over others – they are perfectly optimized. Contact us if you are interested in our offer.

Casino Platform Software: SEO Trends

casino platform software

Search Engine Optimization is a technology to promote a gambling site on the web. Basic actions are focused on a better ranking of web pages in major search engines. The preferences of the audience determine what specialists will focus on when promoting a project. Thus, the Russian-speaking users are looking for information about online casinos on Google and Yandex, and gamers from Europe and the United States – in Google and Yahoo! Players from the Asian region, in turn, use Baidu and Bing.

Our company provides turnkey casino options, you can host your project on our casino platform software. We also provide gaming software for sale. Contact us directly.

Benefits of iGaming SEO: Casino Platform Software

Why do companies that have been in the market for at least 10 years have a greater audience reach and higher profits than those who have only recently entered the market?

The solution has the following advantages: 

  1. You profit from brand-new customers who previously didn’t know about the company and its products/services. It does not need a constant cash infusion to consolidate the results, but enough of the planned work on the internal content of the site. This is the publication of links and useful content, debugging technical issues.
  2. You increase customer loyalty and at the same time increase the number of repeat customers. The results of the marketing campaign (a good place for extradition) are maintained for many months. There is no need for constant cash infusions to consolidate the results, but enough of the planned work on the internal content of the site.
  3. Furthermore, you get new customers for your business. SEO marketing is a legitimate method of gambling promotion. Our casino platform software is ideal to start work on search performance.
  4. You improve the company’s image, increase its recognition and competitiveness.
  5. You increase the number of sales, not only due to an increase in volume but also due to an increase in conversion. Advanced algorithms not only bring the user to the site (due to the high place in search results) but also make him a regular customer (thanks to user-friendly usability and good content of online casinos).
  6. Likewise, you increase the reputation of the company. The constant presence of the online casino on the top positions of search engines increases the confidence of gamers. They are more willing to visit the site, register, and make initial deposits. Our turnkey casino software is designed especially for a large flow of players.

Review of Online Casinos: Conclusion

Google and Yandex rank a gambling site based on specified criteria and search filters. The more accurately the iGaming project meets the requirements of the system, the higher it is in the search results, which directly affects the amount of the received online traffic. For example, if a user came to the site with the query “play casino,” he will see links only to those projects that fit his criteria. Generally, an online resource, which is below a certain level, does not get to the top of the search results, but it is still visited, which means that it is profitable. 

The management of IT corporations is constantly tweaking the existing evaluation rules in order to improve customer service and protect gamblers from unscrupulous operators. This time the changes modified the “Rules of the Game” section of the website. Now, if a player does not agree with the evaluation of the operator, he can complain to the support service. According to representatives of the provider, this is done to eliminate the likelihood of disagreement between users and operators. Besides, now players can evaluate operators if their opinion doesn’t coincide with the provider’s one. They can complain to the operator. 

Therefore, some methods of fairness testing have already been changed to more modern ones. One of such tools is E-Gaming Revolutions. Thanks to it, gamblers are able to get objective information about the reliability of any operator. The company also conducts an independent audit, which allows you to make sure that all the processes in the casino comply with the laws of the country. As the saying goes, “Know your enemy by sight.” Turnkey casino software from Imperium-Games provides the best and most profitable options for operating a gaming club, an application, a website – anything.