Video Lottery Terminal Software

Imperium-Games offers its customers high-quality software for lottery terminals. We provide worldwide service, including Europe, Asia, North and South America, and of course, Africa!

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A terminal is a computer device connected to the Internet, which allows customers to access club services through the use of banking systems and cryptocurrencies. In some cases, the terminal may serve as a means to monitor the status of the customer’s account or provide the opportunity to obtain information on any matter of interest.

VLTs – player

The first type of software is the software for lottery terminals “VLT-player” – it is a lottery terminal, working on the principle of a one-armed bandit. It accepts plastic cards and cryptocurrencies, also it performs player identification for participation in the game, automatically gives out winnings, prints the lottery ticket and gives the player the money. At the player’s request, the terminal can print the ticket on a printer. Lottery terminal software is a special program that allows the player to participate in lotteries.

Multilevel club jackpots have been developed for dual-screen terminals. This means that the player can play for money in multiplayer games and win large jackpots. Different types of jackpots are considered: “fast”, “slow”, and “difficult”. The former are jackpots with a fixed amount of winnings, the latter are jackpots with an increased level of difficulty, which requires the participation of more players. Terminals that use only betting software, in addition, can use the second screen for live sporting events. To do this, you need to install special software on your site, which will display a live TV broadcast or recording of the match.

VLTs – cashier

Software – cashier allows the player to register, get a login and password, and a link to enter the game from a mobile device or personal computer. With the mobile application for Android or iOS, it is possible to access information about accounts, transactions, and bets made. In the app, it is also possible to view detailed statistics of the player and changes in his parameters. To access the site, you need to enter in the address bar of your browser the IP address obtained during registration or authorization, and select “Login” from the drop-down menu.

Deposit and withdrawal of funds from the player’s account can be made through a terminal with exactly this type of software, as well as through mobile banking. To do this, it is necessary to enter the card number and then the account number, after which the account is linked to the player’s card.

We offer you an affordable and high-quality solution

As a provider of comprehensive solutions, we can help you install software for gambling terminals designed to work in betting shops, online casinos, and land-based clubs. Our software package consists of several comprehensive solutions that allow you to automate the operation of gambling establishments. All of the lottery terminals we provide are safe and tested under heavy loads. They have a powerful processor and a powerful security module that ensure a high level of reliability. From the very beginning, we run tests to make sure that the equipment is working properly. If you have any problems within a month of the start of sales, we’ll fix them as quickly as possible. In addition, if there are any technical problems, you can contact us and our technicians will always help you.

You should cooperate with us

A casino routing system designed and adapted to these requirements has many advantages. First of all, it allows automating the betting process. All processes related to betting can be performed automatically, without the intervention of an employee of the hall.

Secondly, the system allows improving the quality of service for players. Thanks to it, players get better information on current events, and they are always aware of current lottery events. Casino terminal software is provided in HD quality. It is available to download and install in a browser on the site. All presented games are available in real-time and have a wide range of functionality.

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