Your bitcoin casino website will be hosted on a hosting service that offers PHP / MySql support. In addition, you can add a domain to your hosting to get started.

Website Design

Our team will provide you with an exclusive platform design, help with its development and ensure technical support. You can also take advantage of all types of payment provided by our company.

Payment Systems

We offer turnkey financial infrastructure. Our experience and high qualification in the field of gambling allow us to offer a solution to your problem in the shortest possible time.


Opens up new management possibilities. Manage your dreams. Today, the company offers a range of mobile applications for smartphone users based on iOS, Android, and Windows Phone operating systems, which allow you to always be aware of everything.

Games Integration

We integrate and provide only quality game content, which players can get for free when registering on your site. This means that you can really enjoy all these games in demo mode.



When you install the application on your phone, the user is prompted to enter their cell phone number, to which a confirmation code will be sent, which can be used to log in.

Transaction Speed

The possibility of remote account management from any device (phone, tablet, etc.).

Financial Security

We'll tell you how to invest wisely and give you some financial tips.

Inimitable Design

Design and development of any possible site structure, including adaptive sites, on any CMS.

Integration via Single Protocol

Ability to work with multiple game servers.


We use innovative technology to give you the best value for your money.

Crypto Anarchism

Today Bitcoin is one of the most widely used and effective decentralized cryptocurrencies.

Wide Range of Games

To make your search easier, we have created a whole catalog of programs.


The end-user registers on the site and makes a deposit.

Modern Decentralized Gambling Software

The idea that collectives reach consensus in a decentralized yet articulated way is one of the extremely powerful ideas in the field of cryptocurrency. It implies the possibility of introducing into the cryptocurrency sphere the idea that people can come together to reach a consensus without any centralized intermediary like banks. It also allows for decentralized, yet manageable enterprises.

It may seem strange, but most people consider consensus (agreement) in cryptocurrencies to be a highly undesirable phenomenon. And even those who are not very familiar with cryptocurrencies know that centralized systems are often very undemocratic. Our bitcoin casino software customers make the fastest deposits and withdrawals. We strive to satisfy all of our customers and offer the highest level of service, so we invite you to join our community! With our impeccable reputation, we always provide the best conditions for the development of gaming platforms.

Our TRX casino platform is extremely secure and protected from online attacks. TRX allows you to play with other players around the world without worrying about the security of your data. We don’t collect your personal information and protect you from fraud. Contact us to integrate our software.