API stands for Application Programming Interface. A programming interface is a set of functions that allows an application to communicate with other software. If you have an application that needs to communicate with some other application, you must use an API to allow the program to work with that application.

You can add 800+ slot machines, roulette, slots, 2D and 3D games in real-time. We update the portfolio every month and check all the slot machines to make you feel comfortable.

You can customize the control to your liking

Featuring The Return’s Rate

Multi-currency and multi-language

Automatic upgrade to the latest versions of games

Our API integration module is designed for online casino operators, allowing them to access information about customers’ gambling bets. When connecting to it, we use a simple and intuitive API, which allows us to integrate the game in the shortest possible time, using already ready and tested technology. We also use our own mobile app, which allows us to quickly test the game in different parts of the world. With this app, we test many games and apps that are developed by our development department and tested in the cloud. The app allows us to test games in the shortest possible time and completely controls access to the game.

Protecting information of users and devices on the network

Play with your friends from all over the world

Connection from any mobile device

API protocol




The user first transfers a certain amount of credits to the lobby or a particular game, and only then gets access to the game. The advantage of this method is that all games take place on our servers, and your servers are not overloaded. Our server is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. And all this time there are different games and tournaments on it. In our turn, we will provide you with support including technical.



The gambler merely initiates the game, and the credits are deducted for each spin and deposited back into the main account on your platform after each win. We only support the API, which is based on the HTTP protocol. This reduces the duplication of data for both users and groups.

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We do our best to provide honest and secure software, we want to make sure that all our customers have a reliable tool to manage their business. All the most popular and popular slots are collected here. How to choose a slot machine on the Internet? To do this you will need to contact us. You can do this through our casino API module. This means that we can send you back any data you need to create a gambling site, at the same time we already have your account data for your application.

Oh, That Magic Power of The Word "Guarantee"!

You can divide players into groups and assign a unique group ID (for example, “ABC” or “1234567”), and allow them to use that ID to communicate with each other. Our game servers will keep track of each group’s income and provide a profit for each subject. At the same time, they will be constantly updated and improved. We understand how important it is to keep business partners happy. We have an excellent reputation, so contact us.