New trends in gambling: online poker rooms are winning the market

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The online poker format began to develop in the early 2000s. The first sites were not very popular among gamblers, because the video poker software did not meet the requirements of the players. The development of poker as a sport attracted more and more new players. Poker tournaments were collecting larger and larger prize pools, and their popularity grew. At this time, video poker mastodons like PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker appeared. Big sponsorship contracts, holding offline tournaments under the label of the brand. At one time, there were only a few of the biggest online poker venues on the expanse of the internet. The thing is, earlier the entry-level to this sphere was quite high. To open your online gambling establishment with a poker room, you needed expensive software. That’s why it was difficult for small developers to compete with the large companies, which had engaged in this sphere for a long time.

Evolution of online poker software

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Online poker software is becoming progressively more affordable. Different ranges of video poker sites can now attract a lot more people due to the originality of their software. The competition in the field has increased noticeably and a lot of worthy alternatives have appeared on the market. The players got a choice, now the video poker formats began to move away from the standard, universally recognized patterns. And the poker rooms themselves allowed poker players to feel the excitement of the game. Many designs, themed rooms, and the ability to communicate with other players right at the video poker table. All this gave birth to the growing number of different poker rooms, and the whole iGaming industry was getting more and more audience.

The poker audience has grown by 75 percent in the last few years, and this is closely tied to the development of video poker and the introduction of new names to the market. With the coming of the pandemic, online poker has become one of the most popular types of online gambling. Traffic is growing at almost all sites that provide a quality video poker platform. Now anyone can afford the software to create their poker room. Our company provides the best solutions to help you integrate video poker into your project or build a new poker site from scratch. Our product is approved by many of our clients, and we can supply a demo mode for demonstration. Weekly tournaments, unique poker formats, and a friendly design will help you attract an audience and increase your earnings.

White label poker software

The software for your video poker establishment is the most important part. Gambling establishment operators need to create a comfortable environment for gamblers.  The design of tables, game selection menu, quality localization, and multi-currency and cryptocurrency payment support are critical enough details. If you own an online casino, you should not forget about quality service for your customers. Our proposal to integrate ready-made service for online poker includes a very convenient admin panel. With its help, you will accelerate the management of business processes inside your establishment. Your establishment will be improved by design. You will be able to choose the design of your poker room, as well as manually configure the welcome bonuses for players. Players adore tournaments. Tournaments, too, are a great way to keep your players in your poker room. And full integration of our poker platform on mobile devices will greatly increase your traffic.

We have several dozens of successfully launched poker platforms on different sites under our belt. Our software is time-tested and proven by our clients. Covid-19 has created a big BOOM in the poker industry. A lot of players were forced to move to online poker, and the revenues of the owners of such establishments increased by an order of magnitude. We can help you with building your white-label online poker platform and help you at every stage of the integration. You can try out the demo mode, and our staff will help in the integration stages. Creating a poker platform with us is a benefit for you and convenient for your players.